We buy your broken screen

 Purchasing Broken Screens

Sell your old screen and earn money. The only condition is that the internal display (LCD / AMOLED display) is fully effective and contains no streaks, stains and cracks. The glass and / or touch panel may be damaged.
We are looking for screens of the following models:

 Model 	         	           Price 	 
 Apple iPhone 4 / 4S 	           €   1
 Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C          €   3
 Apple iPhone 6 	           €   8
 Apple iPhone 6 Plus	           €  12
 Apple iPhone 6S                   €  15
 Apple iPhone 6S Plus              €  18
 LG G2 D802                        €   3
 LG G3 D855                        €   4
 Samsung Galaxy Note4 N910F        €  15
 Samsung Galaxy S6 G920            €  15
 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925       €  15
 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G928  €  18
We prefer you to send us a picture by e-mail of the working screen. If you can not take a picture we will test the screen once we have received it.
We are not responsible for loss or damage during transportation.